Thursday, September 29

Macarons from Nytorget Urban Deli

I don't have to have macarons everyday but I suppose I like to know I can, just in case. They've started selling them at the Urban Deli here in Södermalm and this is very exciting as I live just 2 minutes walk away! I received some as a lovely birthday gift two days ago and they were both delicious and beautiful, a perfect little daydream of Paris. Salted caramel is my favourite!

Wednesday, September 28

Saturday Café

Saturday afternoon. We meant to go to Ikea but got lazy, it was sunny and there was stuff to buy right here in Stockholm. So we wandered around vintage stores and shared a pretty excellent pressed cheese and ham sandwich (which we may have dumped a little too much Tabasco on..still good!).

Saturday, September 24

Steamed Salmon

Salmon is such a versatile fish, I'm hard put to think of really bad salmon combinations, but I think my favourite way to cook it is very, very simply. This is a quick and healthy weeknight recipe but wonderfully pleasing all the same. Add a bottle of white wine and some boiled new potatoes and haricots verts and you feel pretty sophisticated for a Tuesday night. At least I do.

Salmon Steamed with Lemon and Thyme

1 large fillet salmon (skin removed)
1 lemon
juice of half a lemon
olive oli
sea salt
for sauce:
5 tbs mayonaise
juice of half lemon
salt and pepper
  • preheat the oven to 375F (190C) 
  • slice salmon fillet into 2 or 4 segments depending how many you're serving (it's very good cold the next day) place each piece on a separate pice of tin foil (large enough to wrap the salmon into a 'package' later)
  • season the salmon with salt and pepper then add a few glugs of olive oil, lemon juice and a few sprigs of thyme to each piece. 
  • place a lemon slice on top of each piece of salmon then fold in the edges of the tin foil and press together so that you have a fairly secure little salmon package. Place the salmon packages in a roasting dish and put the dish in the oven. 
  • Cook 25 minutes, careful not to over cook!
for the sauce:
  • mix together all the ingredients, adding more mayonaise or lemon if you prefer, serve along side the salmon.

Thursday, September 15

Hot Toddy

It's time for plaid, it's just that time of year again. Chilly outside, cosy inside, and the perfect time to remember that I consider myself bookish (does forgetting disqualify me? Summer can be so distracting). So in bookish heaven, I curl up under a big blanket with the window open and letting in the crisp air, a Fitzgerald book in one hand and a hot toddy in the other.

    Sunday, September 11


    Chokladbollar with coffee, a perfect no-bake afternoon snack! 
    Recipe link

    Friday, September 2

    A Little Kräftskiva Party

    We had a little kräftskiva party here a week past, which is to say, we ate cold crayfish that had been boiled in dill and (lot's of) salt. It was really excellent! I had never eaten crayfish before so was a bit skeptical but I am won over, Kräftskiva in August is yet another Swedish tradition that I am glad to be introduced to! 
    I'm not sure it's possible to appear elegant while eating them but I'd say it's rather worth it.