Friday, April 22


I made it to Wijnja's Ostkällare here in Stockholm, it's pretty great.  Wijnja's is sort of a garage filled with cheese, every kind of cheese, so much cheese. And cheap! We left with enough for the next month (though I'm sure it won't last that long..). I just couldn't stop adding things to the basket when I noted the prices.  Honestly, it was a mere fraction of what I've paid for the same cheeses here in Södermalm.  Yes, that was a lovely afternoon.

This is Langres. It's a cows milk cheese from the Champagne region of France.  It's very pungent, really quite stinky.  But the smellier cheese is the better, right?  Certainly in this case anyways.  It has a soft crumbly inside and a creamy ring surrounds that which is coated by a soft orange rind.  It came in the lovely little basket pictured, we thought it was decorative but found that it's more practical; as soon as you cut the cheese it starts to spread outwards like it's melting.  We ate it with a little bit of pear and jasmine tea jam on top. I thought this was marvelous though those very serious about cheese may find me rather unsophisticated.

And with all this we had a Belgian cherry beer (Timmermans).  I like these fruity Belgian beers. I've only ever had strawberry before, which I liked but would probably be too sweet to go well with this meal. The cherry beer was almost a little bitter which suited the cheese very nicely indeed.

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