Friday, April 15

I like macarons, a lot.

And I like them even better when they're accompanied by coffee and Flight of the Conchords. They're very hard to get in my small town, but not in Heathrow Airport apparently. The Ladurée stand there looks marvelously like Cinderlla's carriage. So I hoarded them on my layover there and am still enjoying them two days later. That was today's snack, for me there's always a snack coming up.

Breakfast was from IlcaffĂ©; a lovely toasted chevre, walnut and honey sandwich (half of which is yet to come with my dinner!).  Eaten in a nearby park, Vitabergsparken, on a sunny bench. I'm in Stockholm right now, little flowers are sprouting and grass is turning green and everyone seems to be outside enjoying it.  Summer seems more than just a dream!

Waffles for a late lunch, carbless waffles actually. Which included something Swedish called fiberhusk, and I do not know what that is. They were very light an airy, covered in raspberries an whipped cream. I should get my own waffle press, or maybe not. My pants might not appreciate that. 
It was a lovely afternoon on a balcony, in the spring sunshine waffles and bacon were quite perfect. I think you need nothing fancy or special for a good time, just wonderful, wonderful bacon. Oh, and lovely heirloom tomatoes! So pretty I almost didn't want to eat them. But of course I did because they taste even lovelier than they look. Is there a better smell than tomato vines? At ICA today I almost swooned when I smelt them. They smell like every perfect summer afternoon on the porch, sunshine and goodness. I couldn't get them off my mind so here's my second snack (I like salt):

Now I'm off to buy new stockings, I overzealously did up my skirt zipper and ruined yet another pair, I can't make them last. Bother.  

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  1. ahaha! looks like the perfect number of maccaroons there ;)