Monday, April 18

Meatball sandwiches

I woke up too late for breakfast today and decided what's better for breakfast than lunch? Specifically meatball sandwiches for lunch.  Gunnarson's, a swedish café bakery, makes marvelous ones (an opinion I stand by even though that's the only place I've ever had one).  They perfectly satisfy that I-slept-through-breakfast hunger, especially when accompanied by strong coffee.  Maybe I like them best because I associate them with happy afternoons but so far they're my second favourite swedish food (after mazarins, so good I almost bought frozen ones at a Canadian Ikea).
The beet salad tastes a bit like the sweet canned beets my mom forced me to eat as a child but somehow with the addition of something creamy (I'm betting mayonnaise, oh so healthy) it doesn't make me want to throw my plate.  Quite the opposite.
I'll probably talk about Gunnarson's more at some point, it may seem mundane to Swedes but I like it a lot. Today is about meatball sandwiches though. But maybe don't make your own, just come visit Stockholm and pop into Gunnarson's for one yourself (and a mazarin too!).

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