Saturday, April 23

My Swedish Easter

We had a Swedish Easter dinner today and oh my goodness am I full!  Our menu was: Gravlax, two types of pickled herring (one with caviar and sour cream) and crackers, meatballs, rodbets salad, Johnsons Frestle, fried mini sausages and then coffee and biskvier. Phew!
It was marvelous though, it's so nice to have such a variety of food. And of course the leftovers...

Gravlax is salmon cured in sugar, salt and dill.  I don't much care for smoked salmon so I wasn't sure about this but I like gravlax much, much better. It's mild and a little sweet. Very delicate. We may eat the leftovers with potato salad tomorrow, I am particularly looking forward to that!

The meatballs were made with a mix of pork and beef, two eggs, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper and quickly fried in oil and butter.  You really can't go wrong there!

Johnsons Frestle is a lovely combination of potatoes, cream, onions, butter, anchovies and breadcrumbs. Our apartment seems to have trapped that smell but I can't say I mind too much.  The potatoes are cut into french fry shapes then layered with the other ingredients sort of like scalloped potatoes, and the whole thing is roasted in the oven til it's crunchy on top and soft and buttery inside.  The anchovies make it wonderfully salty too.

All together:

And according to my boyfriend Easter isn't complete without a particular soda named Påskmust. I have to say, I can see his point.  It's not very sweet so it's very refreshing to drink with such a heavy meal.  For me a holiday isn't a holiday without a cocktail so I attempted one with Swedish punsch (to stay on theme).  It wasn't a marvelous success but we managed to drink it anyways. Maybe I'll fiddle with the recipe a cocktails usually start to taste better about three deep.

Swedish Punch Cocktail:
 2 oz swedish punsch
1 oz vodka
dash of cassis
dash of lemon juice

 I served it over ice which was good because it was rather too sweet at first (for me at least).

We're taking a break tomorrow from cooking (leftovers!) and then on monday we're going to have my traditional Easter dinner; roast lamb, asparagus tart, lemon chiffon pie.  And probably more påskmust.

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