Sunday, April 17


Tulips are lovely and everywhere right now in Stockholm. Including the coffee table.

Also, last night we had port, fresh figs and Appenzeller cheese to unwind a bit before bed. Appenzeller is a new cheese discovery for me, it's a hard cow's milk cheese with a very strong and lingering flavour. It perfectly complemented the port we had on hand (Grådask, swedish port?), and the figs were a nice addition as well.  The cheese is very tangy so I sort of needed the figs as a kind of refresher. Perfect midnight snack!
I've discovered that there's a cheese store not too far from here (Wijnja's Ostkällare) so I'll be heading off there as soon as I can, and there will be much more talk of cheese here.

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  1. that sounds exactly like a tapas meal at segovia..mmmm...