Saturday, May 14

Healthy breakfast

Some days you wake up and you want to eat a healthy breakfast, not all days, but some.  That happened to us a few days ago and here's how we dealt with it: yoghurt with muesli, honey and dates.  Lately I can't seem to get enough dates; I find myself sneaking them from the fridge like candy and then I realize a) I'm an adult and can eat candy without my mom getting mad at me and b) dates aren't candy, they're fruit.  So I eat a lot of dates.
Yoghurt didn't seem the perfect vehicle for them but in the end I loved it (and keep loving it, 3 days in a row).

here's the mix we used:

pumpkin seeds
slivered almonds
pine nuts
sliced dates

  • We mixed all the nuts and fruit together , excepting the dates, in a jar for future convenience. 
  • Then put honey in the bottom of the bowl and poured on the yoghurt (plain and thick), then we topped it with as much of the 'muesli' as we liked and the freshly sliced dates. Easy, healthy and so filling! 

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  1. I have to admit, it didn't sound great..but then I looked at the picture and it looks pretty good!
    ps..starbucks coconut cream fraps are finally back! can you believe it?!