Wednesday, May 4

Oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal is such a sensible, humble breakfast (before all the cream and sugar I add, that is). Lately it makes me think of the Red River cereal and brown sugar my grandfather made when I was little and how little I  appreciated the lovely simplicity of that meal.  It was the only thing I ever saw him cook;  I'm pretty sure my grandmother hated it and refused to make it for him.  Needs must I suppose.  It seems so homey now, a little reminiscence of the river I grew up around and the countless bowls of the eponymous cereal I choked down (when I really wanted an eggo waffle).

Can you guess what I added to mine? More strawberries of course!  Enough is never enough when it comes to strawberries.

Music to cook to:  ♫ Ma Jaunesse by Carla Bruni 

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