Tuesday, June 14

Hoping for a sunny day

I'm hoping for a sunny day. It's been raining, it's been pouring and it's been really, really boring. I love a good rainy day, tea and blankets, books and movies. Yes, I love them. But it's June! I want to garden and lie in the grass, eat ice cream and drink prosecco on the porch, not wear warm socks.
I'm going to wear my new dress and listen to She & Him. It's going to be great and it must, must, must be sunny!

dress from shopruche.com 


  1. nice blurring on that picture.

  2. Thanks, I'm having fun trying to get to know my camera a bit better!

  3. I'm not sure what camera you have, but if you're looking for a macro lens the link below is a really nice lens for a pretty amazing price. They have one for nikon as well.


  4. I have a Canon rebel XTi with just the starter lens (EF-S 18-55mm). I am looking to expand (or start) my collection though. Thanks for the link, that is a great price! It would be so great to have a better macro lens.

  5. It's a really nice lens. It has great contrast and so is good for bigger winter shots, and does fantastic macro. The down side is that it is quite short, so you'll need to be quite close to your subject and you need to have good light or taking macro shots is tricky as the barrel will create shadow from the flash. It's amazing for things that hold still. The link is some shots I took when I first got it. If you zoom in all the way it's pretty neat.


  6. Wow, the detail when you zoom in is amazing! Your photos look really neat. I'm going to have to look at getting that lens, it would be really useful for a lot of the food photography I'm doing. Thanks!