Thursday, June 16

Peach Pie

I'm no pie expert, I wish I were but I'm afraid I'm not there yet. It's a goal though! I'd love to be one of those people who just whips up a perfect pie with whatever they have on hand. But alas, that's not me (yet). We had friends over for a barbecue a few nights ago and I couldn't think of a more fitting dessert than peach pie. It was a success, but I'm afraid that's more due to some well timed aid and advice from one of our more pie experienced guests than any talent on my part. My thanks!

I can't really include a recipe because I didn't really use one. The dough I made from Martha Stewarts pate brisée recipe (basic and good) and left to cool in the fridge for a couple hours. For the filling I operated on the assumption that the same flavours I use to make peach jam would be appropriate here as well. I sliced the peaches, leaving their skin on, added sugar, bourbon, cinnamon and nutmeg. We put a lattice top on the pie (my dough was to soft to actually weave, but we made do) and baked it 20 minutes at 420F then 1 hour at 350F. I served it warm with vanilla ice cream. Overall I was pleased with the result, though I think there will be a lot more pies here over the next while since I've realized my lack of proficiency!

Sugar, Sugar - The Archies

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