Wednesday, August 31

A Little Absentminded...

I have been absent lately again and am disappointed in myself. In my defense though I'm back in Stockholm and it has been a rather hectic week and a half, not a good enough excuse? Ok, well, I... spilled sangria on my macbook. Yes, I did. It's a tragedy, my poor new macbook won't even turn on. I haven't even taken it be be fixed, I'm so down. So now I have to use my ancient laptop, which won't let me load photos, which just generally hates me. Anyways, I'm starting up again (oh so slowly) and I've promised myself I will be more diligent. All my planned posts from summer at home are gone but tomorrow I am going to start posting about fall in here Stockholm, it may not officially be autumn but it certainly is chilly! I'm definitely ready for tweed, vintage (alright it's faux) fur and hot toddies!

I draw cartoon pugs in my spare time.

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