Friday, May 20

Bologna Flowers!

Bologna and flower are not words that you often hear together but that will change once you try these!  They're the height of sixties breakfast kitsch and that sounds pretty good doesn't it?  My mother made them for us when we were little (not in the sixties) and we loved them, so if you're trying to sneak a bit of protein into someones diet this might be something to try...or you just love bologna.  Because let's face it, we may love fois gras now but we grew up eating bologna.

Bologna Flowers

6 slices bologna
6 eggs

  • preheat the oven to 375F
  • grease a muffin tin with spray on Pam, then push one slice of bologna into each cup.
  • crack one egg into each bologna filled cup then place in the oven an bake until the eggs are set.  About 15 minutes.  

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