Sunday, May 22

Wednesday at Oui

If I have one favourite place in Winnipeg (my hometown) it's Oui.  I've been going there for years in what seems like any and all my spare moments.  I've been going so long it's not even called Oui anymore but Peasant Cookery and I can't make the change. Anyways, Wednesdays are now "Buck a shuck" Wednesdays, which means all their raw oysters are $1 instead of $3.  So if I didn't already have enough reason to be there, I can now pretend I'm saving money, and I do like that.
Oui has three things that make it pretty tops in my opinion; good quality raw oysters (sign of a good restaurant), an interior I feel comfortable in and a cocktail list that is adventurous, exciting and classic.  Yup, all those things.  So it's pretty great.  Here's what my Wednesday afternoon looked like there...I'm so glad I'm going back tomorrow.

A sidecar to start...

...goes so well with oysters and mignonette.  What do you prefer; tabasco, lemon, mignonette?  I always have trouble deciding and end up trying each again before eventually sticking with mignonette.
 Then the main course; a perfect charcuterie plate!  Everything made in house, from the pickles to the mustard to the country paté.
A Cucumber Dew martini, cool as it's namesake.
 There's never much left.
To finish it off?  Espresso! Aren't we sophisticated.  Oh, I can't wait to return.

Couleur Café - Serge Gainsgbourg

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