Thursday, May 5

Gin Gimlet

I've never liked gin.  If I order a gimlet (and you can bet I do..) it's a vodka gimlet.  Gin I've avoided like the plague (excepting one disastrous Ramos gin fizz in New Orleans) for as long as I've been mixing cocktails but lately I've started to feel I might be missing something.  So my project for the last couple months? Practicing drinking gin.  Because yes, it takes practice.  I started with a basic: a good old fashioned gin and tonic. I thought plain and simple was the place to begin.  It was great, one hesitant sip and a world of new cocktails was opened before me!
So now I've branched off to a Gin Gimlet, here it is:

2 oz gin
1 1/2 oz lime cordial
lime segment to garnish

  • pour the gin and the lime cordial into a cocktail mixer over ice, shake vigorously.  As vigorously as you can, til your arms are tired!
  • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and enjoy!
I wasn't sure I'd like the gin version since I'm so partial to vodka gimlets but I did!  It had a stronger, more floral taste and I drank it much slower (which I think is good I think?).  One success, now onto the next...

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