Wednesday, June 8

More Bubble Tea...

At Tea Story in Winnipeg. I've had maybe four bubble teas in the last four years and three of them have been in the last two weeks. Am I going through a phase? I have no intention of stopping.

Is there a better way to spend the afternoon than drinking bubble tea and spying on waffle sandwiches with a friend? I haven't discovered one.


  1. I must visit soon. Sounds wonderful!
    I absolutely love your blog, fellow Manitoban. :)

  2. Thanks Abbey, it's great meet a fellow Manitoban!

  3. Yum, I love bubble tea!! There's a great place that sells it by me and they have a flavor called "Cancun Breeze" that tastes like a pina colada, only better.
    Your photography is beautiful, by the way! Have I said that before?

  4. Pina colada bubble tea sounds like a dream!
    Thanks, I got my camera as a gift last year and I've had a lot of fun experimenting with it!