Saturday, June 11

The Pancake House

When I was little, every Saturday morning my parents would take my sister and I to The Pancake House. It's definitely the place to be before noon on a Saturday, the lines are long and everyones still cheerful (which is a phenomenon know as 'pancake anticipation'). I always had blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, I think everyone has a dish they always order at The Pancake House. Are we unadventurous here in Winnipeg? Maybe we're just not sure our second choice could live up to our first.
As an adult I can't say I'm quite as diligent in my Saturday morning pancakes but I do make it there occasionally and happily today was one of those days!  I even branched out and tried my moms favourite dish, a german baby apple pancake. One big lovely pancake with soft baked apples and cinnamon, smothered in maple syrup and a side of crisp bacon. Okay, it's German-Canadian, with more of an emphasis on the Canadian. Whatever it's ethnic origins it was delicious. What a perfect way to pass a sunny Saturday morning; pancakes, family and friends!

Banana Coconut Belgian Waffle

Pigs in a blanket pancakes

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