Tuesday, October 4

Grilled Cheese

I love diner food. It's a genuine, life long affection. It feels like home and childhood, it's solid and unfussy and you know exactly what you're getting when you order it. There's not too much skill involved in making it but you're never disappointed. Unless you burn it, which yes I've done. Life is distracting. Anyways, serious question: ketchup or no ketchup? This is a sensitive debate I know, it tears families and marriages apart. I vote ketchup, it sounds gross but sorry I just do.

Mums Mums, go well with a grilled cheese! They're a Swedish treat sort of like Viva Puffs without the jam and, dare I say it, better. Less cookie, more chocolate and marshmallow.  

And finally homemade chai tea. It was chilly out and we love chai! Chai recipe

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