Tuesday, May 3


I had a basket of strawberries ready to go in the fridge, just waiting to be baked into a lovely cinnamon loaf, and then I saw these beauties and had to buy them anyways.  But these strawberries are not for baking.  They're for adoring, gazing longingly at, decorating with, and finally (maybe ten minutes later if you're like me and can't restrain yourself) eating plainly and simply.  Oh gosh, they're so gorgeous, so lovely and small, so perfectly ripe!  I want to paint an oil portrait of them. I'm rather afraid my painting skills wouldn't do them much justice though.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, those ARE pretty! you could decorate a cake with them!
    Mmm with the not-so-pretty ones, you could make strawberry pie!
    does stokholm have much fresh fruit?