Wednesday, July 6

Iced Tea

Iced tea is a summer staple. Easy, variable and delicious, it's pretty much the top.  I love peach tea so that's the direction we've been experimenting in lately and we haven't gone wrong yet. A little added bourbon makes a perfect summer cocktail!
We've been re-using 1L glass sparkling lemonade bottles to store our tea in. It works really well and looks quaintly old fashioned. It also seems to get the tea colder faster than plastic, which is the most important part I suppose. I bet I'd still use them if it didn't though, they look just too perfect at a picnic to give up.

Peach and Mint Iced Tea

2 bags peach mango tea
1 litre water
1/3 cup mint syrup
1 lemon sliced into thin rounds
juice of one lemon
mint leaves

  • boil the water and brew the tea in a pot as you normally would. Let steep 20 minutes.
  • remove the bags and pour the tea into a glass bottle. Add in the syrup and lemon juice and let sit in the fridge til it cools.
  • to serve, place the lemon slices and mint leaves in a glass then pour on the iced tea! If you're so inclined, add in a shot of bourbon (to a tall glass) first and top with ice. 

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